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All languages,
within reach of your headset.
Simultaneous interpretation of video conferences


Listen in your own language, speak in all others.
Sultry interpretation for everyone


Location is no longer an obstacle. Give yourself a new dimension: ubiquity
Simultaneous interpretation available everywhere


Simultaneous interpretation on digital platform

Events on smartphones

No more hassle with headphone distribution. Quality sound, health standards respected. All you need is a smartphone and headphones. With a single click, you can join your meeting and listen to the speakers in the language of your choice.

Everything on your smartphone

Videoconferences with simultaneous interpretation

Everything on your smartphone The iBridge People solution is designed to provide a high quality simultaneous interpretation service. It has all the functions required for a multilingual video conference. There is no limit to the number of languages that can be used. Technical support is provided.

integration with the Zoom platform

On-site and remote hybrid meetings

Will some of the board members be present while others are in the four corners of the world?
Do you want to use both traditional simultaneous interpretation equipment and combine it with a remote meeting? It’s all possible.
Hybrid digital platform

The multi-platform approach

Use the video conferencing platform of your choice combined with our digital studio of interpreting booths and our global interpreting hub.
Users and interpreters alike will be delighted.

Native integration with ZOOM

Interpreting teams

With our network of partner agencies,
we can offer you a team of professional interpreters. They have a minimum of 5 years experience each and are trained by us in digital technology. We can also train your team of interpreters at no extra cost.

iBridge People, the global solution.

Solution for noisy environments

Provide your guests with comfortable listening conditions in noisy environments. Participants can follow demonstrations or lectures at trade fairs and exhibitions safely on their smartphones.
No need for a sound system


All the features of the iBridge People platform


✓ Speaker and language
✓ Unlimited number of languages
✓ Change language on the fly
✓ Indication of current interpretation
✓ Speaker or moderator controlled microphones
✓ Visible/occulted microphones
✓ Participants by language and microphone status
✓ Floor in all languages
✓ Floor on/off
✓ Mute


✓ Traduction en 16 langues par IA
✓ Tchat général (tout le monde)
✓ Tchat one-to-one
✓ Tchat one-to-many
✓ Tchat support technique
✓ Sauvegarde et effacement du tchat
✓ Changement de la langue à la volée


✓ Standard presenter and participant
✓ Presenter in turn
✓ Request for free speech + timer
✓ Administered request to speak + timer


✓ Test page
✓ Direct link
✓ PC / Tablet / Smartphone
✓ Phone backup by language channel


✓ Support par tchat en 16 langues
✓ Backup téléphonique par canal de langue
✓ Page de test
✓ Lien direct
✓ PC / tablette / Smartphone


✓ +20 participants
✓ Highlighted camera
✓ Camera blackout


✓ Loaded at the beginning or on the fly
✓ Choice of document language
✓ Automatic page turning
✓ Documents deleted at the end of the session
✓ Whiteboard (individual and shared)


✓ Audio recording (selectable channels)
✓ Video recording


✓ Meeting with streaming
✓ Sending voice channels for streaming


✓ ZOOM + iBridge People cabins
✓ Participants on Zoom
✓ Interpreters on ibp booths


✓ Shared notes (all can write)
✓ Saving shared notes
✓ Screen sharing
✓ Video sharing
✓ Sharing web pages
✓ Dividing the meeting into workshops
✓ Polls


✓ On smartphone via QRCode
✓ Interface with physical control rooms
✓ On-site or remote interpreters


✓ All the features in your hands
✓ From your web page
✓ With subscription


✓ Floor
✓ Volume control for each channel
✓ Source language selection
✓ Automatic relay
✓ Booth chat
✓ Interpreter team chat
✓ Technical support chat
✓ Lounge
✓ Handover
✓ Listen to colleague
✓ Booths with 2, 3 or more interpreters
✓ Non-matching booths (AR -> FR/EN)
✓ Slow down
✓ Ergonomics


✓ Translation of documents
✓ Transcriptions, summaries, reports
✓ Technical reports


iBridge People in a few figures






anywhere || any language || anytime

Feedback from our users

We very much appreciate the availability of our contacts at iBridgePeople in terms of the organisation of our meetings, the quality of the translations and the presence of responsive technicians throughout the meeting. In addition, the platform is very easy to use and the support and testing for the preparation of these meetings is optimal. We have very positive feedback and recommend iBridgePeople's services.

Zoé Robert, Antoine Trarieux, Barbara Whitehead

Zoé Robert, Antoine Trarieux, Barbara Whitehead

Groupe IMA

The ibridge platform is easy to use, accessible from all over Europe and quite user-friendly for a videoconferencing medium. Today, we consider it an indispensable support for our international meetings with simultaneous interpretation and a guarantee of quality and comfort for all: organisers, interpreters and participants. The availability of ibridge's commercial and technical teams, their skills, their flexibility and their ability to listen.



INTEFP Project Team

Excellent work! From the direct contact with you to the technical support at the meeting: well done. Thank you very much for your efforts... The interpreters are giving us very good feedback on iBridge People V2: The new version is easier to learn and easier for customers to use.

Thomas Tannheimer

Thomas Tannheimer

DB netz AG