Interprétation simultanée à distance (RSI) Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

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The best hybrid solution on the market.
A computer is all you need.
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Robust hybrid solutions are here to stay.

The quality and adaptability of our services will surprise you. iBridge People handles all of the functions required to deliver remote interpretation services.                                 Our job is to guarantee excellent and reliable interpretation services to your full satisfaction.
We have developed solutions for physical and digital integration. Our system is :
Resilient to failures
Easy to use
Works under any conditions
Our solution is accessible and operative on any device
It have been especially designed for our sound and simultaneous interpretation equipment providers.

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Two main scenarios

1. The conference room is equipped for sound and video. The remote connection between the interpreters and the participants is managed via a computer running the iBP system that is connected to the sound and video systems. The iBP system is operated by iBP IT technicians throughout the meeting.
2. Conventional simultaneous interpretation software systems set-up at the meeting venue and the participants can attend in person or remotely :
Only one computer is needed to connect the iBP system to the simultaneous interpretation system (Bosch or Taidem)
All sound and video data flows are fed into the iBP system
Our specialised technicians manage the iBP system remotely
The advantages of the iBP solution :
Turn-key solution for remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) services
Implementation by the usual technicians
A 50% reduction in costs

Increase business

Without increasing costs

Become the head

Of a remote digital interpretation services

Increase value-added

By providing innovative services
Digital technology
✓ iBP places people at the heart of its system ✓ iBP multiplies the power of digital technology ✓ iBP broadens your market
All the variables and parameters are under control
✓ Each user is provided with advice and his or her connections are verified ✓ Streamlined user interface and professional sound quality ✓ Resilient system coupled with back-up solutions
Meeting clients' needs
✓ VISIOCONFERENCES : with remotely connected participants using computers or mobile phones ✓ IN-PERSON CONFERENCES : participants can use their smart phones to connect to RSI services ✓ CONFERENCES IN NOISY ENVIRONMENTS : participants can use their smart phones to listen speakers through their headphone
The keys to Interpretation 2.0
✓ Advantages for suppliers ✓ Technical support ✓ White label