Interprétation simultanée à distance (RSI) Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Events & Conventions

Events & Conventions

The beauty of human interpretation,
the strength of digital broadcasting on smartphones

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A single tool, multi-purpose applications

Planning an event has never been so easy


Simultaneous interpretation on digital platform

Your conference on the participants' smartphone, in any language, with a seamless audio quality, unmatched listening comfort and no logistics.

Live streaming on your chosen network

Broaden the scope of your events by broadcasting directly on the Internet. Mobile studio, cameras and technicians in just a click.

Quiet events free of annoying noise

An industrial fair, a business expo… All attendees can listen every word on their smartphone without any logistic or noises. There is no need for raising the volume.

1. Simultaneous interpretation over a digital platform

How does it work?
A single computer connected to the iBP system and linked to the sound system.

No more headsets to hand out: attendees, on site or remotely, listen to the simultaneous interpretation and/or the speaker directly on their smartphone.

No more need to clutter up your booth space for interpreters: interpretation professionals can work remotely thanks to the exceptional audio quality of iBridge People.

2. Streaming: Let’s switch scale

How does it work?
To the impossible no one is bound… but what if ubiquity had become possible?

With iBridge People, your event takes place simultaneously at different locations around the world. We acquire the sound and image and stream it…

As if your conference room could accommodate several thousand people.

Aim big, the location is no longer an issue.


3. The quiet event with no sound nuisance

How does it work?
No more loud-speakers
No more voice overlapping in the room
No more headphones distribution
No more recovery at the exit
No more breakage or wastage

Focus on security