Interprétation simultanée à distance (RSI) Remote Simultaneous Interpretation



The excellence of human interpreting
New opportunities thanks to digital technologies

Interpreters are the cornerstone of a multilingual meeting

iBridge People offers you special functions which allow you to comfortably express your full potential.
iBridge People, the platform that takes the needs of interpreters into account:
Intuitive and ergonomic
Unique functions
Free training courses
Unleash your excellence!
Practice your profession in complete safety, with optimal sound quality and an ergonomic interface designed to match your needs.
We offer you a twofold partnership:
Membership of a global hub of certified interpreters
A source of new business

We offer you a twofold partnership

1. Certified interpreter:
2. A source of new business:

Increase your income

Without changing the way you work

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And its functions

Win recognition

For the quality of your work
iBP's digital technology
✓ Puts the human element at the center ✓ Adds its power to your skills ✓ Opens up new professional horizons
iBP controls every variable
✓ Every user is given advice and their connection is checked ✓ Ergonomy and sound of professional quality ✓ A resilient system with back-up solutions
iBP answers the needs of customers
✓ VIDEOCONFERENCES: Virtual meetings on PC/Phone ✓ CONFERENCES: via participants' smartphones ✓ SILENT EVENTS: via participants' smartphones
iBP offers you the keys to Interpreting v2.0
✓ Advantages for suppliers ✓ Tech support ✓ White label