Interprétation simultanée à distance (RSI) Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

A multiplatform future

A multiplatform future

Videoconferencing platforms and iBP’s digital hub (virtual booths)

How can different videoconferencing platforms be used in tandem with a high-quality simultaneous interpreting solution? Any platform can now be coupled with our system of virtual simultaneous interpreting booths.

Our multiplatform solution combines an excellent simultaneous interpreting system, iBridge People’s AudioDesk©, with the videoconferencing platform of your choice. This offers participants two advantages: they can continue to communicate via their usual videoconferencing platform while adding an ergonomic system of interpreting booths.

iBridge People is a videoconferencing solution accompanied by simultaneous interpreting. It can be combined with Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams, etc.

IBP interpreting booths

Virtual interpreting booths play a major role in our digital simultaneous interpreting system. Why are they so important? Participants obviously can’t “see” the virtual booths, and don’t have access to them as they’re meant for the interpreters. But the interpreter’s skills, backed by a reliable and user-friendly system, are vitally important in providing an exact and precise translation. So a videoconferencing system has to be effective in more than one way, as the difficulty of understanding what the various participants say is compounded by the difficulty of translating their words accurately.

So what are the interpreting booths for? The answer lies in the role of the interpreters, who form the very core of a multilingual conference as they constantly communicate what the participants are saying, irrespective of the number of languages ​​involved in your meeting. If the ideas of each participant are to be clearly and transparently expressed, every element absolutely must be of high quality.

Two elements are essential in achieving smooth, high-quality simultaneous interpreting: the relay and the handover.

The simultaneous interpreting relay

When a conference involves multiple languages, even interpreters who work in three or four languages ​​may find themselves at a loss, facing combinations of languages that ​​they don’t understand. To get around this problem, they’ll listen to an interpreter in another booth. For example, during a meeting in which Russian, Chinese and Polish are spoken, the interpreters in the other booths will very probably listen to the Polish interpreter’s French or English translation. This is known as relay work. A more detailed description of this interpreting method is to be found in a book by Miriam Shlesinger (Bar-llan University) at the following link:

The handover: passing the microphone from one interpreter to another in the same booth

Interpreters work in pairs in each booth, switching from one to the other every 30 minutes. iBridge People has developed a system allowing them to hand over the microphone to each other smoothly if they are in different locations. This is the handover.

The platform of your choice

This is why the platform of your choice, coupled with the iBridge People virtual booth system, is an optimal solution for both participants and interpreters.