Interprétation simultanée à distance (RSI) Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


RSI Videoconferences

Simultaneous interpreting in just a single click

Wherever you are

You only need standard equipment (smartphone, tablet, PC) and an Internet connection.

The digital age

Meets the age of multilingualism: take the bend with iBridge People, professional simultaneous interpreting in all languages.

How does it work?


Just a link to connect


Select your language


There you are

Joyful African American woman videoconferencing on computer with headphones

All the tools, user-friendly,outstanding quality

All languages, no limits
Video sharing
Raised hand
Shared notes
Dynamic workshops
video recording
Camera +20
Audio recording
Document sharing
Full transcript
Screen sharing
Technical support in 10 languages

The cross-platform solution

The beauty of human interpretation, the strength of digital technology

The cross-platform approach brings together the best simultaneous interpreting tool, AudioDesk, with the videoconferencing platform of your choice.
We provide fully native integration with Zoom.
What do I need to do to prepare a conference?
Let us know the elements of your meeting (date, time, languages, subject, documentation). We create a Zoom session for you, with the languages you need. Our interpreting booths are then hooked up directly to it.
This way, each participant speaks and hears his/her chosen language, with quality simultaneous interpretation running alongside.


How does it work?

A single link
You open both the AudioDesk iBridge People and the platform of your choice at the same time.
Optimal sound quality
No unnecessary compression
Interpreters feel at ease
Their talent is highlighted on a platform designed to optimise their working conditions.
Easy to use with a free hand
Request the floor in one click
Technical support
Flawlessly and in 10 languages throughout the meeting

A particular focus on security