Interprétation simultanée à distance (RSI) Remote Simultaneous Interpretation
L'interprétation simultanée sur Zoom, couplée aux cabines virtuelles d'interprétation de iBridge People

Studio Digital Pro = Zoom + the ibp Hub

Studio Digital Pro = Zoom + the ibp Hub

a simultaneous interpreting platform optimized for users

With our native integration you have a choice that brings together a widely-used platform and a top-level interpreting technology

What do meeting participants have to do? Nothing special; no effort is needed because ours is a turnkey solution:  users connect  to the Zoom session while we manage  simultaneous interpreting in the background

Why link Zoom to our digital hub? Because our digital booth system has been designed to allow interpreters to work under the best possible conditions,  giving free rein to their potential.

Is there any reason not to use our complete system? Why not, as our platform is very user-friendly and comprehensive. But if customers are used to a particular platform, we offer them a system that adapts to them instead of forcing them to change their habits. If participants are comfortable with a particular platform, that’s a totally understandable choice.

How does it work? Our system is integrated with Zoom, so users don’t have to make any extra effort. Participants are provided with a single link, and can then speak and listen in the language of their choice. A dual redundant connection is used to overcome any possible failure in an interpreter’s usual connection.

What does this offer include? Our turnkey system provides:

  • Videoconferencing via the Zoom platform
  • Studio Digital Pro for simultaneous interpreting (interpreter’s consoles)
  • A dual connection for interpreters

No extra effort.
Studio Digital Pro,
A turnkey solution.