Videoconferences with

real-time AI subtitling and automated translation

 in all meeting languages

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Great news in 2022!

Simultaneous interpretation platform

with written chat, on-screen shared documents and subtitles

translated in real-time in all meeting languages.


Keep it that way.
A drop-down menu shows the languages
you can choose.


The quality instant translation
you can use at any time.


Discuss in any language and save up to
20 times the interpretation cost!

Simultaneous interpreting at an unbeatable value for money

You already use teams of interpreters in your company or organisation.
Now you can try iBridge People’s automated interpreting service to expand the scope of uses while reducing costs.

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Our team of experts is at your service for a demonstration and to develop your case study:

from interaction with tourists (ticket offices, transport, stations, airports) to working groups, global customer relations, international trainings, etc.
Endless potential uses await you.

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from 8 am to 6 pm CET

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