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ChatGPT writes a Victor Hugo-style poem about iBridge People

ChatGPT writes a Victor Hugo-style poem about iBridge People


ChatGPT writes a Victor Hugo-style poem about iBridge People, expert in machine-translated video conferencing

From distant lands and cultures far and wide,
We gather on our screens, side by side.
No language barrier can stand in our way,
As IBridge People’s technology makes us all one in every way.

Gone are the days of miscommunication and strife,
As IBridge People’s solutions bring us all to life.
Through their magic, we can share our thoughts and dreams,
No matter where we are or what language it seems.

So here’s to IBridge People, a shining star,
Bringing people together from near and far.
We are grateful for their work and dedication,
In helping us connect and find true communication.
Digital Studio Pro = Zoom + Hub ibp

Digital Studio Pro = Zoom + Hub ibp

user-optimised simultaneous interpretation platform

With our native integration you have a choice that brings together a widely used platform and first-class interpretation technology.

What do the meeting participants have to do? Nothing special, no effort required because our solution is turnkey: users log in to the Zoom session and we manage the simultaneous interpretation in the background.

Why pair Zoom with our Digital Hub? Because our digital booth system has been designed so that interpreters can work in the best possible conditions and fulfil their potential.

Why not use our complete system? Indeed, a good question because our platform is very intuitive and comprehensive. However, if the clients/users are used to a platform, instead of making them change their habits we offer them a system that adapts to them. If the participants are comfortable with a particular platform, it is a perfectly understandable choice.

How does it work? Our system integrates with Zoom, saving users extra effort. Participants receive a single link, speak and listen in the language of their choice. Interpreter connections are doubled to cover any possible failure of their usual connection.

What is included in the offer? It is a turnkey system that provides :

  • Video conferencing on Zoom platform
  • Digital Pro Studio for simultaneous interpretation (interpreting booths)
  • The dubbed interpreter connection

No extra effort.
Digital Studio Pro,
a turnkey solution.