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Conference interpreters

Excellence in human interpretation New opportunities through digital


You are the cornerstone of a multilingual meeting

Partenaires Ibridge People

Become a partner

1. Commercial agent :

You use the platform with your customers and receive a commission.
You are fully in charge and we ensure non-competition.

iBridge People, the partner you really care about

2. Certified Interpreter :

You are part of a global hub and receive job offers.

iBridge People provides you with specific functions to enable you to express your full professional potential.

iBridge People thinks about performers :
  • Ergonomic and intuitive
  • Unique features
  • Free training courses

Make way for your excellence. Do your job safely, with optimal sound and ergonomics designed for you.

We offer you a dual partnership :
  • Certified interpreter: be part of a global hub
  • Business introducer: your customer stays with you

Increase your turnover.

Without multiplying costs

Find your marks

And the functions of the console

Be recognized

By the quality of your work

we bridge people
anywhere || any language || anytime


✓ Places people at the centre
✓ Adds the power of digital
✓ Opens up new professional horizons

All variables mastered

✓ Recommended users
✓ Verified connections
✓ Professional quality ergonomics and sound
✓ Resilient system with back-up solutions

Responding to customer needs

✓ IN ROOM CONFERENCES on participants’ smartphones
✓ SILENT EVENTS on participants’ smartphones

The Keys to Interpretation 2.0

✓ Distributor benefits
✓ Technical support
✓ White label

The system allows for a reduction in costs which ensures high profitability