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The iBridge People solution in three words


A robust platform


Manage your conferences


Unique and simple functions

A professional and customer-oriented team

Be surprised by the quality and flexibility of our service and the availability of our team.
We take care of all aspects of the service and strive for performance and excellence
and your complete satisfaction.

New technologies improve the business model of the profession

Digital simultaneous interpretation is becoming the norm as global companies reinvent their ways of working together. From remote meetings to on-site events, the profession is adapting to the new demands for quality and convenience offered by digital technology.
Your clients choose the excellence of your interpreters, choose for them the platform that facilitates and secures the digital transition.

A solution as mobile as your customers

Less travel and CO2 emissions, no more intermediate meetings, less time wasted, a reduction in unnecessary costs and added-value services with superior quality.
For simultaneous interpreting professionals, new technologies allow them to increase their turnover by increasing the number of inter-meetings (meetings without travel between two physical meetings) with costs cut in half.

Icone Ibridge People

Increase your turnover.

Without multiplying costs

Be in charge

A digital interpretation service

New services

Added value

we bridge people
anywhere || any language || anytime


✓ Places people at the centre
✓ Adds the power of digital
✓ Opens up new professional horizons

All variables mastered

✓ Recommended users
✓ Verified connections
✓ Professional quality ergonomics and sound
✓ Resilient system with back-up solutions

Responding to customer needs

✓ IN ROOM CONFERENCES on participants’ smartphones
✓ SILENT EVENTS on participants’ smartphones

The Keys to Interpretation 2.0

✓ Distributor benefits
✓ Technical support
✓ White label

The system allows for a reduction in costs which ensures high profitability