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Teams of simultaneous interpreters with our partner agencies

Excellence in human interpretation above all


More than just a platform, a global simultaneous interpretation hub

A network of interpretation agencies
  • Additional specialisations
  • International coverage
  • Remote and on-site

Through our partner agencies we can offer you a wide geographical coverage in Europe, America and Asia. With complementary areas of specialisation, they cover a wide range of technical, financial, economic and social issues. Together, we are able to organise events remotely or on site.

A network of interpreters trained on the platform
  • Experienced interpreters
  • Certified connections
  • Continuity of service

An average of 15 years’ experience for each and no less than 5, to take on the scale of the task. Hardware, connections and technical knowledge checked. If for any reason an interpreter should become disconnected, our permanent backup system guarantees continuity of service.

Partenaires Ibridge People

Two major cases

1. The iBridge People platform with your interpreting teams:

Your team of interpreters is excellent. We train them free of charge in digital technologies.

2. The iBridge People platform with your usual interpreting agency:

Your agency has a long history of success in organising your conferences. We train your interpreting teams in digital services at no extra cost.

3. The iBridge People platform with our partners:

You do not have a team of interpreters or work with an agency. We can meet all your simultaneous interpreting needs, on site or remotely with our partner agencies and interpreters.

With iBridge People you are the one who counts! .

Increase your turnover.

Without multiplying costs

Be in charge

A digital interpretation service

New services

Added value

we bridge people
anywhere || any language || anytime


✓ Putting people at the centre
✓ Adds the power of digital
✓ Opens up new professional horizons

All variables mastered

✓ Recommended users
✓ Verified connections
✓ Ergonomics and professional sound quality
✓ Resilient system with back-up solutions

Responding to customer needs

✓ IN ROOM CONFERENCES on the participants’ smartphone
✓ SILENT EVENTS on participants’ smartphones

The Keys to Interpretation 2.0

✓ Distributor benefits
✓ Technical support
✓ White mark
The system allows for a reduction in costs which ensures high profitability