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The iBridgePeople method

Designed to facilitate the work of project managers


Tools to to make the job easier

A single document

Follow-up document

In addition to the ergonomics of our platform, we want to reduce unproductive time and email exchanges, which multiply and are a source of errors.
A single document edited jointly by your project manager and us, in which all the elements necessary for the smooth running of the conference are listed: name, subject, date and time, interpreters, access code, etc.
This information is updated throughout the process.

For all procedures

No more countless emails, all information in one place

➤ Name + phone + email iBP Project Manager + Agency
➤ Name + phone + email end customer contact
➤ Date, time, languages, pivot language, number of participants, topic
➤ Backup phone numbers (1 per language)
➤ Technical support phone number
➤ Registrations and related services.
➤ Technical report of the conference

Five steps

Agency consultation <-> iBP

➤ You tell us the dates, times, languages and special conditions.
➤ Expression of the final client’s need.
➤ Technical proposal (best method for this client).
➤ Quote

Customer/end user

➤ Demo/presentation of the solution
➤ Technical explanations
➤ Adjustment of the initial proposal
➤ Sending connection/use instructions


➤ Connection tests
➤ Training of presenters/coordinators
➤ Testing/training/validating interpreters
➤ Technical adjustment (technical bridges, etc.)


➤ Opening 30 min before
➤ Technical follow-up chat in 10 languages
➤ Technical follow-up by email + hotline


➤ Delivery of audio/video recordings
➤ Delivery of transcription/subtitling
➤ Technical report in the follow-up document* ➤

Non-competition undertaking

Our business model is based on partnership

Agencies and interpreters are our natural partners.
We have a commitment with the interpreters to support good working conditions.

With our partner agencies we have a clear commitment:

1. we are a technical platform for simultaneous interpretation.
2. we work with partner agencies when we are called upon directly by clients, in order to form an efficient tandem.

In this way, we ensure the technical and professional excellence of the entire conference interpretation value chain.

We take care of the technical and professional excellence of the entire value chain around conference interpreting.