+33 9 8080 2005

For two days, iBridge People hosted the world committee of a major French group in twelve languages on its simultaneous interpretation platform, with plenary and sub-group sessions for some thirty channels, with up to 10 channels used simultaneously for the multilingual sub-group sessions. A fine performance praised by his partner Into-Nations who commissioned him for his client:

“A big thank you for your help and that of the technicians, the meeting was a success. Despite its complexity, the meeting went off without a hitch and the client is delighted! Antoine Lioud, Associate General Manager, Into-Nations”

On ibridgepeople.com or on +33 9 8080 2005. iBridge People offers you Remote Simultaneous Interpretation on a digital platform, on a PC, tablet or Smartphone. All languages are within reach of your headphones for your conferences, events and meetings.